Generate Self-Signed Certs


Meet Generate Self-Signed Certs - an online tool that enables you to create self-signed certificates that can be appropriate in specific situations:

  1. Self-signed certificates can be used on the intranet. When the client only has to go through the local intranet to reach the server, there is almost no chance of attacking the middleman.
  2. Self-signed certificates can be used on the IIS development server. No need to spend extra money to buy a trusted certificate when you're just developing or testing an application.
  3. Self-signed certificates can be used on individual sites with fewer visitors. If you have a small personal website that transfers unimportant information, there's little incentive for someone to attack the connection.

Easy to use

Provide some basic info, a public certificate and a private key. The CSR (certificate signing request) will be created for you.

Completely free

Our tool is free to use. From now you don't have to download any software for such tasks.

The private key value will not be stored.

Please note that, for security reasons, any private key value that you enter or we generate will not be stored anywhere on this site or on the ComponentPro platform. Also, notice that this tool is provided via an HTTPS URL to ensure that private keys cannot be stolen.

For further security, please do not use production keys on this site.