Encrypt XML


SAMLTools consists of several tools that allow you to encrypt nodes from the XML of SAML Messages.

Easy to use

Paste the original XML and the X.509 public certificate (not the private one) of the entity that will receive the SAML Message to the below Form Fields, then name the node that should be encrypted, and also set the name of the new node that will contain the encrypted data

If you do not provide the name of the node to be encrypted, it will try to find and then encrypt a saml: Assertion node by default. Similarly, if you don't name the newly created node, a saml: EncryptedAssertion node will be created later.

Whether you want to encrypt a NameID node, set saml:NameID as the name of the source node and saml:EncryptedID as the destination node.

Completely free

Our tool is free to use. From now you don't have to download any software for such tasks.

For example saml:Assertion

For example saml:EncryptedAssertion