X.509 Certificates

This utility helps you generate self-signed certs, calculate fingerprint, and format keys. SAML protocol uses X509 certificates to sign, validate, encrypt, and decrypt SAML messages.

Code / Decode

Use the tools in this section to Encode/Decode Base64, GZIP string, Encode/Decode URL, Inflate, and Deflate string using different algorithms.

Encrypt / Decrypt

This tool helps you Encrypt and Decrypt SAML XML Messages, including Response, Assertion, etc.


Various tools to let you sign SAML AuthnRequest, Response, Logout Request/Response, and Metadata XML. Signing a message is required in order to be validated in the provider endpoints.


This tool allows you to validate SAML messages, including Response, Logout, and AuthnRequest against a cert. If a message contains a signature, you should validate the message.

Attribute Extractor

This tool helps you extract the nameID and the attributes from the Assertion of a SAML Response. Please note that the private key of the Service Provider is required in order to decrypt the encrypted data if the Assertion or the NameID are encrypted.

XML Pretty Print

This analyzes your SAML XML message and re-print it in a human-friendly format.


This section shows some examples of SAML messages in XML.

External SAML Tools

The collection of external tools that can help you trace your SAML messages and integrate SAML with your system.